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My Funeral Wishes

Please complete the short form below and email it to us.

J Naylor Funeral Directors will keep your funeral wishes on file, meaning that when the time comes your family will not have to make difficult decisions. If you complete the simple form below and submit it to us, we will keep a record of all your details until they are needed. We will also provide a copy for safekeeping with your will and other important documents. We highly recommend that you discuss this with your family, so they are aware that you have recorded your wishes. This is a free of charge service and all funeral costs will need to be paid at the time of the funeral.

Before the Funeral

My own clothesA gown



The Funeral Service

A celebration of my lifeA reflection of the way I livedModest and respectfulSimple and BasicA grand send-offsomething else

Horse Drawn HearseTraditional Hearse

In their own carsIn a following limousine / limousines



My ashes are to be returned to my familyMy ashes are to be buriedMy ashes are to be scatteredOther instructions


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